Sonntag, Oktober 12, 2008

Zerstörungswut ?

Vielleicht wäre mal ein Besuch bei Sarah's Smash Shack fällig. Dort kann man gegen Geld eine Auswahl von Dingen an die Wand schmeissen - natürlich nur in Schutzleidung, Helm und Gesichtsvisier wie sich das in den USA gehört. Die Scherben der geschmissenen Dinge werden von wohltätigen Organisationen zu Mosaik weiterverarbeitet.

Die Ami's haben Freude dran:
I have to admit I was super skeptical that this would be fun, especially after having to suit up in a Dickies jumpsuit and don combat boots. But once I was in a room with my co-workers and the glass was flying, I had a great time. It was the equivalent of primal screaming. We went a little crazy on how much we bought to smash - 4 of the mystery boxes, a pile of plates, a bunch of the "boomerang" vases and some assorted sports related memorabilia. The mystery boxes were a lot of fun because they had a bunch of dishware, including cups and saucers which were fantastic to throw. We also liked throwing the plates discus-like into the wall. But the boomerang vases were my fave - they really tended to bounce back at you, which was horrifying and exilarating at the same time. yelp
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